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Ebook- Townsend:EverVigilant Series Book One


Townsend:EverVigilant Series Book One


Townsend: The EverVigilant Series 

Townsend's Theme - Shoshone Tribe
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Townsend is a fiction novel that is sure to entertain you with the thematic elements of magic, native American culture, and mysterious creatures.


But more than that, Townsend is a story that resounds the message that courage and bravery can be found even in the bleakest of circumstances.


Townsend’s life changes forever when she realizes she has the ability to heal others, but when she does- her own body pays a heavy price. After selflessly healing others, Townsend is now cursed with chronic illness.


She struggles to stop herself from healing her patients and risking her own health. To make matters worse, an unlikely villain threatens her and demands she use her powers for evil.


The questions regarding her gift only deepen when she is visited by a strange Native American woman.


Townsend must unravel the ancient secrets behind her lineage and discover her true purpose in the world, all while battling dark forces and health problems.

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